About Doria Miller Psychotherapy

I founded my practice with the goal of creating a space where clients could really feel seen, heard, and understood–the most fundamental human desires. The therapists at this practice prioritize this type of understanding above all else. It is by using this intimate understanding of what makes you you, that we are then able to recommend the best evidence-based treatment recommendations for you. We will also rely on you as being the expert on your own life to help further direct your sessions.

New to Therapy?

Stigma says that people who go to therapy have problems. The reality is everyone has problems–people who come to therapy are just brave enough to ask for help in moving through them. If you know what you want help with, then one of our therapists can guide you through the process. Building a strong relationship, with a heavy focus on trust and compassion, is crucial to successful therapy. Research shows that the best predictors of whether or not therapy will be effective is based on our relationship and on your attitude about therapy. We will work together using our relationship and a combination of evidence based treatment methods to help you to move forward in your life in the way that is right for you.

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