While every individual we work with is unique, these are the most common concerns we see in this practice. Please reach out for a phone consultation if you have questions about whether or not you would be a good fit for working with one of our therapists.

Love, Dating, and Relationships

Are you frustrated with the NYC dating scene? Do you want to better understand your own patterns in dating or relationships? Whether you are in a relationship, grieving a breakup, or ready to start dating again, our work can help you to make sense of your own patterns in relationships. This will ultimately help you to make better choices in your own love life and get more of the love you want.

Anxiety + Stress

Anxiety and stress are normal parts of life, but when they start to feel overwhelming and difficult to manage, it’s time to ask for help. Whether you find yourself worrying about the future and all of the worst-case scenarios, or simply struggling to find effective ways to manage your current stressors, I can help you build new tools to cope with either.

Eating Disorders + Body Image

Having worked in a treatment center providing individual, family, and group therapy to people with eating disorders; I can help you navigate your own relationship with food and your body. Whether you have a history with an ED, you struggle with negative body image, or have a relationship with food characterized by guilt, shame or fear; I am here to help.


The way we think and feel about ourselves impacts every area of our life. If you find yourself stuck in a negative cycle of self-defeating, self-doubting or self-critical thoughts, we can work to change that. I can help you to cultivate more acceptance and compassion for yourself, which will ultimately lead to a more confident and more authentic you.

Life Transitions

Navigating a new or challenging life transition is often a reason people seek out the support of therapy. If you are facing the change that accompanies moving to a new city, starting or quitting a job, graduation, becoming a parent, navigating the beginning or ending of a relationship–we can help you navigate the challenges of these transitions and develop a new equilibrium in your life.


Depression looks like many different things. You may feel disconnected from your life and unmotivated, you may feel irritable and easily frustrated, or overwhelmed with sadness and hopelessness. We will work together to examine how your specific depression symptoms manifest and how to create new patterns of living to help move you forward.


Trauma can result from a variety of different damaging situations. Examples of trauma include sexual assault, incest, physical assault, abusive relationships, childhood neglect, unexpected loss of a loved one, hate crimes, medical crisis, receiving threats, witnessing violence, and many others. The main goal of trauma focused therapy is to help you process your trauma in a safe space. We will work to understand how your trauma has impacted your life and sense of safety today, and learn how to heal from that.

Premarital + Couples Counseling

Maintaining a healthy, sustainable romantic relationship with your partner can be very challenging. I hold many trainings in both couples therapy and sex therapy to help you navigate all of the complexities that couplehood brings. I practice using The Gottman Method, a scientifically-based approach to couples therapy.

Treatment Methods

Specializing in a wide variety of treatment methods…

After clarifying your goals for therapy, we will work together to build the right care plan for you. The goal of this practice is to offer you tools that are tailor-made for you and your unique circumstances. We will work together using our relationship and a combination of evidence-based treatment methods to help you move forward in your life in the way that is right for you.